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Authenticated Imaging

Photography, Surveying & Aligned 3ds Max cameras.


Arcminute Ltd's 'game changing' Authenticated Imaging System combines photography, surveying and aligned 3ds Max cameras in a single package.

Unprecedented levels of accuracy and verifiability are achieved using a unique two stage alignment system and automated scripting sets up fully aligned 3ds Max camera substantially faster than even the most skilled camera matching operator using traditional manual or semi-scripted methods.

This allows visualisers to create accurate single frame or panoramic verified views safe in the knowledge that the whole process is overseen by a single company that applies quantifiable accuracy and fully transparent auditing to the often regarded 'dark art' of the camera matching process.

For easy project costing this service is charged on a per view basis and a single point of contact for briefing and invoicing simplifies commissioning and administration.

All of Arcminute Ltd's photographic and survey teams work to a standardised methodology to ensure maximum service capacity and flexibility to customers who are faced with tight deadlines and short project lead times.















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